Rotary Club of Clearwater Awards Summaries

Revised 2/28/2015

The Alfred P. Marshall Award

In memory of Alfred P. Marshall, an outstanding Rotarian and public servant, the Rotary Club of Clearwater established the Alfred P. Marshall Award in 1988 to recognize exemplary service by long-standing members of the Club. The awardee is selected by the club at large in voting that occurs over 2 consecutive weekly meetings and is presented with a large trophy that is passed on from year to year to the award winner. The criteria are:

  • Candidate member has been a member of this Rotary Club for fifteen years or more.
  • Candidate has served as a member of the Board of Directors of any Rotary Club.
  • Candidate who qualifies as above, but is no longer a member of the Rotary Club due to death or illness.
  • A Past President, who qualifies as above, is not eligible for this Award until five years following his/her term as President, including the current Rotary Club President.

Previous Recipients Alfred Marshall Award

  • 2014 Dillard Nash
  • 2013 Chip Kuykendall
  • 2012 Joel Guinand
  • 2011 Pat LePeak
  • 2010 Andy Burwell
  • 2009 Dewey Williams
  • 2008 George Greer
  • 2007 Crockett Farnell
  • 2006 Jared Brown
  • Don Guckian
  • Jim Grove
  • Joseph Daily
  • Chuck Finegan
  • George Mallory
  • Glenn Loughridge
  • Claude Vester
  • Scott Hale
  • Daniel Carlisle
  • Bert Munro
  • Herbert Brown
  • Ralph Frick
  • Robert Clark
  • George Hardy
  • H. H. Carlisle
  • James Stewart
  • David Perkins

Inaugural 1988 post humous awardees:

  • Taver Bayly
  • John Chesnut, Sr.
  • Bill Hinsey
  • Art Kitchen
  • Alfred Marshall
  • Frank Tack
  • Reade Tilley
  • Harry Turnburke

Rotarian of the Year Award

Established in 2007, the Rotarian of the Year is awarded to the year’s outstanding Clearwater Rotarian in recognition of their service in the Clearwater Rotary Club. The awardee is selected by the club board of directors. The criteria are:

  • The award recognizes a Rotarian who has used their talents for Rotary Service to improve our Club, our Community and/or our world.
  • The award is open to all Clearwater Rotarians except current board members and officers.
  • The candidate is duly nominated by the any officer or director of the Clearwater Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors shall decide by nomination and vote the Rotarian of the Year.
  • A recipient is not eligible to be nominated for the award once received for 5 years.

Previous Recipients Rotarian of the Year

  • 2007 Staci Price
  • 2008 Scott Hale
  • 2009 Pat Lepeak
  • 2010 Bob Clark
  • 2011 John Woodruff
  • 2012 Chip Kuykendahl
  • 2013 Micah Maxwell
  • 2014 Dewey Williams

The Four-Way Test Award

Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Awarded to a club member who most personifies the 4-Way Test. The awardee should be someone who consistently exhibits the 4-Way Test in their personal, civic and business life, and has “stepped up to the plate” in support of Rotary and The Rotary Club of Clearwater. Any club member, except past winners, is eligible, regardless of age or length of time in the club. Selection is by ballot elected by the club at large.

Previous Recipients 4-Way Test Award

  • David Perkins
  • George Hardy
  • Glenn Loughridge
  • Dillard Nash
  • Bob Clark
  • Herb Brown
  • Dan Carlisle
  • Ralph Frick
  • George Mallory
  • Bill Malia
  • Chuck Finegan
  • Scott Hale
  • John Slaughter
  • Jim Grove
  • George Greer 2004
  • George Greer 2005
  • Cliff Snedeker 2006
  • Dewey Williams 2007
  • Don Guckian 2008
  • Andy Burwell 2009
  • Donna Ridley 2010
  • Paul Douglass 2011
  • Craig Gilman 2012
  • Fred Brown 2013
  • Ann Kerr, 2014

The Herb Brown “Service to Rotary” Award

The Herb Brown Service to Rotary award was created in 2009 and is awarded by the Board of Directors to a Rotarian for their exemplary service to Rotary beyond the Club level, including service at the District level or International level. This award is not necessarily an annual award, but rather is bestowed as needed at such time that a deserving candidate is presented.

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